The Miracles Of Lord Hanuman

Lord Hanuman

Once Satybhama had requested for Jasmine Tree, which Lord Krishna had sourced from the heavens. At that time, Satybhama thought that she was the most beautiful woman & the one who ruled Lord Krishna’s heart.

And that’s why he got her the Jasmine Tree. Once Sudarshan Chakra (spinning disc) had reduced Indra’s Vajra to dust. Sudarshan Chakra thought that it was Lord Krishna’s ultimate weapon.

Garuda (The Legendary Bird) also took pride in stating that Lord Krishna cannot travel without him, Because there was no one who could match his speed & power.

Lord Krishna decided to reduce their pride into dust & he summoned Lord Hanuman. As soon as he was summoned, Lord Hanuman reached Dwaraka. Lord Hanuman was aware that Lord Ram & Lord Krishna were avatar’s of each other.

He also knew, why Lord Krishna had summoned him. So Lord Hanuman decided to visit Dwaraka Gardens instead of Lord Krishna. Lord Hanuman started destroying the garden & trees in it.

As soon as Lord Krishna knew about this, that a monkey was destroying the gardens, He asked Gaurda to take the army & bring him the monkey alive. An over confident Garuda replied,

I shall alone capture him & bring him to you. Garuda flew & reached the gardens to capture Lord Hanuman. So Garuda tried to capture him, but Lord Hanuman used his tail to strangle him.

Garuda started suffocating after a while, So Hanuman threw him into the sea, but Garuda somehow managed to escape. Garuda came back with a message. Garuda told Lord Krishna, that he is no ordinary monkey & he couldn’t capture him.

Lord Krishna replied, that he must Hanuman a devotee of Shri Ram. He asked Garuda to flyback to Hanuman, and tell him that Shri Ram has summoned him. If possible try to get him with you. So Garuda left in the search of Hanuman.

Once he saw Hanuman, Garuda apologised & told him that Lord Ram has summoned him. So kindly sit on my back & I shall take you to him in no time. Lord Hanuman, understood why Lord Krishna had sent Garuda and so he replied, Why don’t you lead the way and I shall follow you.

At that moment, Lord Krishna changed his avatar to Lord Ram & took his place next to Satybhama on the throne. He asked Sudarshan Chakra to guard the gates & no one enters without his permission.

Lord Hanuman reached the gates, but Sudarshan Chakra stopped him & said that he cannot enter without Lord Krishna’s permission. So Hanuman caught Sudarshan Chakra & held it tightly between his teeth. He then entered through the gates.

Lord Hanuman paid his respects to Lord Ram & then said, Where is our mother? Who is this maid sitting besides you? When Satyabhama heard this, she swallowed her pride & couldn’t believe what had happened.

At that time, a tired & gasping Garuda also returned to Lord Krishna’s place. He was surprised to see Lord Hanuman standing in front of him & didn’t know how was this possible?

How did Lord Hanuman travel faster than him. That’s how Lord Hanuman destroyed Garuda’s pride. Shri Ram then asked him, how did he enter through the gates? Did no one stop at the gates?

Hanuman replied, that Sudarshan Chakra stopped me but how could I keep you waiting. So I caught it & held it between my teeth. And then Hanuman released the chakra at Shri Ram’s feet. And that’s how Lord Hanuman broke Sudarshan Chakra’s pride.

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