End Of Kaliyug According To Hindu Mythology

Kaliyug, According to Hindu Mythology is a dreadful time This is like a Jail where humans are born because of their sinful karma It is a pit of sorrow where there is seldom a person found full of happiness and living a comfortable life. But If We Compare.

Today with what will happen towards the End of Kaliyug, we are better off now The Explanation about this is given by Sukhdev in Bhagwat Purana We have brought you the same information So,

Lets Find out what will exactly happen towards and after the end of Kaliyug? Towards the end of Kaliyuga, Sinners will govern There will be no faith left in God There will be greater distance between the God and humans Towards the end of Kaliyug,

The average life span of humans will be 20 years meaning that human hair will start greying out as early as 16 years of age With time, the average height will also continue to decrease People will not hesitate to kill over petty issues At the peak of kaliyug, Anger, Lust, Ego and Desire of materialistic things will have the top priority People Will Only think about themselves There will be no love and affection left in human relations.

According to the Scriptures, At the peak of kaliyug Oppression, Liquor, Gambling will all be ordinary part of Mundane Life Although this is seen in the present times as well But In Future, Everybody will take part in it and they will be a part of everyday life Everyone Will Suffer Diseases towards the end of Kaliyuga Only True Believers of God will worship and have faith in God.

There will be scarcity of food, water and other essential resources Rivers will dry up, Sky will turn black with pollution Poverty and Hunger will be all around Because of few godly exercises being practised There will be negativity all around and people will be inclined towards evil Money will rule people’s desires.

Women will get pregnant before 15 years of age After 5000 years of Kaliyuga, Holy River Ganges will dry up Gods will return to their dimensions There will be food shortage because of infertility of the land Trees will stop bearing fruits and Cow will stop providing milk People will not hav a conscience.

A Brother will not hesitate to kill his own brother Chaos and Panic will rule the Earth Criminals will rise in such high number that people with moral values will face problems living life.

The Human Species will degrade to even lower level than animals Humans and Animals will have no difference Humans will start eating humans The Sun will be so hot that people will die one after another due to this unbearable heat.

When Evil will be on the top, Lord Vishnu will incarnate as ‘ Lord Kalki ‘ According to Shrimad Bhagwat, Lord Kalki will be born in Shambal Village to a Brahmin named ‘VishnuYasha’ and his wife Lord kalki, riding on a celestial horse will punish all those who brought evil on Earth It will rain for days towards the end of Kaliyug There will be water everywhere on the planet Earth will submerge in water killing all life present here Now,

Lets Find Out What Will Happen After Kaliyug Few worshippers of God would be left towards the end of kaliyug These few people will follow religion and would be involved in Lord’s worship With the grace of God, Few Such People will survive the Apocalypse and would enter ‘Satyug’

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