Do You Know How Jay Vijay became Vaikunth Gatekeeper

jay vijay

God vishnu’s gate keepers Jay – vijay got the curse from sankadik Saints for 3 years. To get birth into demons generation but do you know ? How Jay & Vijay become gate keepers of Vaikund? In earlier births what they both have done good things because of which lord vishnu Accepted them as their gate keepers.

In Shrimad Bhagvat Puran in 8th section 2nd chapter And in Skand Puran Vaishnav Khand’s Kartik Mahtmya we can get about it.

Long time ago Saint Kardum’s wife & Trinbindu’s daughter Devhooti gave born to two sons Where as elder was Jay & younger was Vijay Jay & vijay were always on frontfoot to devote themselves for lord vishnu

Everyday they do Om Namo Narayan Chant and follow Vaishnav Vrat beacuse of this they both were closed to lord vishnu one upon a time king Marutt called up both Jay and vijay to yagya ino that yagya.

Jay became brahmin and vijay became Acharya Both finished the yagya rituals Finishing ritual in an organised way King was so happy therefore, after rituals king Marutt gave luxurious treasure to both of them with those gifts Jay and Vijay.

Both were happy and with those luxurious gifts both returned back to their place but during diving the gifts dispute occured between both brothers So elder brother Jay Said – lets divide this into equal parts On the suggestion of elder brother younger brother Vijay said – No who got what would stay with that Listening to Vijay’s revert.

In anger Jay , elder brother cursed greedy younger one Vijay that you have not such big heart as you know how to take only therefore you become a crocodile listening cursing words from Jay younger brother too cursed elder one that without sense you cursed me so you should changed as an Elephant.

When both of them realised about their cursing words they feel regreted then both of them went to lord Vishnu to pray for their curses to get rid of it So , Lord Vishnu said you both are my dedicated devotees so your words cannot be taken back therefore.

Both of you were live those cursing words And return back to my Vaikunth sharing this solution to Jay and Vijay and lord vishnu got disappeared so both brothers started living near by Trikoot mountains, gand river as Crocodile and Elephant.

So crocodile started staying into rivers water and elephant near by jungles this was the curse given to Hoo Hoo, and also to king Indra dayumna, both brothers cursed each other After sometime In morning of kartik month, elephant came to take bath into river When elephant move into river.

Crocodile with anger suddenly grab the elephants leg due which Elephant started shouting roaring so crocodile and elephant drag each other with force In this way while fighting each other,

One thousand year got over As crocodile is an amphibian, it was constant force of him to grab elephant but elephant due to water not able to get rid of crocodile’s grip and elephant lost the battle and chanted lord vishnu’s name and he took a lotus into his trunk and start taking lord vishnu’s name with the devotion of elephant.

Lord vishnu happily came riding on eagle to make elephant free from curse by using his sudarshan chakra to cut down crocodile’s head and set free the elephant Therefore , lord vishnu set free both crocodile and elephant from the curse life So in this way, four of them, king Indra Damyuna, gandharv , Jay and Vijay got free from curse and got liberty.

Then gandharv hoo returned to his place Vishnu made King indra Damnyu his Parshad And then lord Vishu took Souls of Jay Vijay And went to Vaikunth Dhaam sotherefore, both the brothers gone through curse and liberated by lord Vishnu.

Become gate keepers of Vaikunth Dhaam From that day , that place know as Hari kshetra This story is a learning lesson to everyone and its – in this world, human being is alway got stucked into a wheel of birth and death.

And into life we play character of an elephant Crocodile present the sin and river where they both were stucked In the end when we human not able to cope up with outer world’s.

obstacles and even slipped into it deeply and we didn’t found any way to come out of it so in the end , we all then take name of god to get liberated from outer materialistic world.

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