Do you know how Hirnayaksh and Hirnakashyap get killed?

Hirnayaksh and Hirnakashyap

Jay – Vijay , gate keeper of lord Vishnu were cursed by Sankadik saint for three borns as demons. From which both gate keeper , Jay – Vijay were borned as Hirnayaksh and Hirnakashyap demons in their earlier birth.

How both of them get liberated by Vishnu? And how? Jay – Vijay get released free from their previous birth Friend ! from vaikund dham, Jay-Vijay get down to the womb of Saint Kshayap’s wife Diti Since birth, both brother have tuff physic like mountains Both of these demons were too powerful.

One of them – Hirnayaksh demon took away earth with him to the hell. Lord Vishnu with his supreme form of Varaha fight with Hirnayaksh into hell with all his power. And that battle proved to be an end of Hirnayaksh In this way, Lord Varaha set free planet earth and place it again to its position.

Sameway,Hirnakashyap named demon was also powerful From lord vishnu, he heard about his brother Hirnayaksh’s death and turned into Vishnu’s enemy.

To take revenge from lord vishnu he did prayers, sacrifices. And after doing all prayers,sacrifices took blessing from Brahma that he cannot menifeast death by any human or animal neither by conspiracy or any weapon.

Nobody can kill him in day time not even in night. Nobody can kill him inside the house or outside. He cannot be killed on land or in the sky. With this supreme blessing from brahma Hirnakshayap became more powerful. because which he declared himself a god.

He stopped people from doing prayers for Vishnu and replace himself to vishnu’s place. Due to fearful power of Hirnakashyap people start praying him instead of Vishnu. During that time only Hirnakashyap become father of a son.

Whose name was Prahlad. Prahlad started doing praying of vishnu since childhood. But it was hard for Hirnakashyap to see all this vishnu devotion by his own son. Because of which he decides to kill his son. Then powerful Hirnakashayap tried so many tricks to kill his son.

But with blessing of lord Vishnu Hirnakashayap couldn’t make it possible. But when Hirnakashayap become so cruel to his son then lord Vishnu changed his form as Narasihma to protect his devotee Prahlad. Narasihma had half human body and half lion body.

Then Narasimha took Hirnakashyap on his lap at the entrance of the door where Hirnakashayap was not outside nor inside of the house. It was not the day time nor night It was mid duration of day and night. Lord Narasimha make Hirnakashayap sleep on his lap so that he not able to touch land or sky.

Then without using any conspiracy or weapon lord Narasimha killed Hirnakashyap with his nails. Therefore in this way Jay-Vijay got liberated from their birth. Friends, this was the mystery of vishnu’s gate keepers Jay-Vijay’s previous birth story.

In second birth or Tretayug they born as demon Ravan and Kumbhkaran. Both of them were also so cruel and powerful that even devtas or god have fear of them. Therefore to kill them, because of curse lord vishnu changed as Rama. How lord Rama, killed Kumbhkaran and Ravan this story you all know.

Both Jay-Vijay get their third birth in droupar yug as Shushupal and Dantvakrah.

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